Technology is changing very fast and everyone wants to get the latest and fastest technology when it comes to television. Every time, when you upgrade your, you are left with the old home. If it is working fine, you can donate it to the local charity near you or but need a transport for that. EZ Junk Removal and Demolition helps you to transport it by calling us on the phone or book the service online

How does our service work?

  1. You can book an appointment on EZ Junk removal and demolition website or you can calling at +1 8452821577
  2. Our team will call you 30 mins before your scheduled appointment, to check the availability.
  3. When the EZ Junk Removal and Demolition team arrives, you need to just point out the old televisions which will be transported to your desired location..

We are a team of professionals who ensure our customers safety around them and make the environment neat and clean. Call us on +1 8452821577 or simply book your appointment online by visiting our website