Junk Removal in Rockland County NY

Be Prepared to Avoid the Hazards and hassles

Every business or home requires a major cleaning or haulage at least once in a while. You can decide to tackle the work yourself, but hiring an experienced junk removal service to take care of the task can save you lots of time as well as avoid potential dangers that could arise from working with large or fragile objects.

EZ Junk and Demolition Corp. in Rockland County NY is a professional junk removal service that provides a variety of services. This includes cleaning up construction sites and yards removal of newspapers and magazines, hauling off furniture, and disposing of household objects. Here are some advantages of hiring EZ Junk and Demolition Corp. instead of making your cleanup DIY projects:

Why do you need to hire a EZ Junk and Demolition Corp….


Cleaning up large debris can be a real strain on your body when you attempt to complete the task yourself. Additionally, there are sharp objects as well as other dangers that could cause injuries around the area of cleanup. This is the reason why hiring a EZ Junk and Demolition Corp. in Rockland County NY is beneficial to ensure the highest level of safety.


EZ Junk and Demolition Corp. in Rockland County NY is one of the few experts who can take care of any kind of junk removal with low costs. If you are cleaning out trash, you have the option to rent a dumpster to remove the trash yourself, or have our cleanup team do it for you for about the same cost.

Recycling and proper disposal

The junk disposal service we offer in Rockland County NY is carried out in a safe , eco-friendly manner, ensuring that all items made of metal including electronics, vehicle as well as lawn mower battery including truck and car tires, are recycled.